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Key players involved with Hanscom Field:

Local Newspapers

Please write letters to the newspaper in your town:  

General Airport Information

Massport's 2000 Environmental Study and Planning Report (ESPR) and related documents, including public comment presentations and the Certificate from the EOEA.

FAA Policies and Regulations that lists all the laws, regulations, policies and oversight agencies for each environmental impact category (e.g. noise).

Government and Airport Noise Regulations maintained by Boeing.

Report of Hanscom Field Noise Workgroup (September 22, 1999). Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reported on the environmental impact of America's airports in October 1996. Read the report, entitled Flying Off Course. Then take a look at Hanscom's EPA listing as a Superfund site.

You can track flights on your web browser here.  

Other Anti-Airport/Aviation Groups

Communities Against Runway Expansion (CARE) is the coalition opposing Massport's plan to add a new runway to Logan Airport.

Read Aviation Conspiracy Newsletters which has weekly aviation noise stories from around the world.

U.S. Citizen's Aviation Watch maintains a list of airport and aviation noise links here. A list of local chapters (including ShhAir) can be found here

AviationWatch is an e-mail news and discussion forum for activists, professionals,individuals and municipalities concerned with noise, environment, public health and other quality of life issues related to aviation.

Hanscom At The Crossroads

The document Hanscom At The Crossroads (revised in 2002) calls for a moratorium on any additional commercial aviation, changes of use, and new infrastructure development at Hanscom until a long-range, regional, smart growth strategy has been developed. To date, this document has received the support of the following:

  • Ed Markey, U.S. Representative
  • Marty Meehan, U.S. Representative
  • John Tierney, U.S. Representative
  • Susan Fargo, State Senator
  • Pam Resor,  State Senator
  • Robert Havern, State Senator and Chairman of the Transportation Committee
  • Cory Atkins, State Representative
  • Jay Kaufman, State Representative
  • Charles Murphy, State Representative
  • Town of Acton, Board of Selectmen
  • Town of Bedford, Board of Selectmen (unanimous)
  • Town of Belmont, Board of Selectmen
  • Town of Carlisle, Board of Selectmen
  • Town of Concord, Board of Selectmen (unanimous)
  • Town of Lexington, Board of Selectmen (unanimous)
  • Town of Lincoln, Board of Selectmen (unanimous)
  • City of Waltham City Council
  • Town of Wayland, Board of Selectmen
  • City of Woburn City Council
  • ShhAir (Save the Historic Hanscom Area's Irreplaceable Resources)
  • Save Our Heritage
The original April 2000 version of the document can be found here.

Warrant Articles in HATS Towns

In 1997 and 1998, the four towns surrounding Hanscom Field passed a number of warrant articles in an attempt to restrict expansion at Hanscom Field and protect the character of these towns.

Other Links

NPR's Living on Earth program had a feature on Peter Acker's attempt to record the natural sounds of Estabrook Woods in Concord at 5 in the morning. Even then, the sounds of the geese were drowned out by jets out of Hanscom.

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