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Massport is governed by a seven member Board appointed to staggered, seven-year terms by the Governor of Massachusetts. Members serve without compensation.

Massport's Chief Executive Officer serves at the pleasure of the Board and is responsible for implementing the Board's decisions and carrying out its agenda with the assistance of key department heads. Craig P. Coy currently serves as Massportís CEO.

Massport Board members are:
  • John A. Quelch (Chairman), Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean for International Development at Harvard Business School.
  • James M. Coull, vice-chair, chair of the board of J.M. Coull, Inc./JMC Environmental Systems of Concord, a full-service construction firm.
  • Lois J. Catanzaro, a Chelsea resident, public affairs director AK MEDIA/MA.
  • Lucy A. Flynn, a senior corporate marketing executive.
  • John Cogliano, Jr., co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Sullivan and Cogliano Companies.
  • John F. Monahan, Jr., Mr. Monahan retired in 1992 after more than 30 years of management, engineering, marketing, commerce and financial experience with major telecommunications companies.
  • Susana M. Segat, Deputy Trustee of Local 254 of the Service Employees International Union, responsible for policy and budget setting, staff hiring, leadership development, community outreach and communication.

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